Your path to the healthiest, happiest, most radiant you!

Does this sound familiar:

  • You want to quit feeling so tired!
  • You want to feel better about what you eat but find it all so confusing!
  • You wish you could slow down and stop feeling overwhelmed
  • You don't have hours of spare time to find new recipes and prepare great meals
  • You wish you had a step-by-step guide to improving your health!


What is Radiant Girl School?

Imagine belonging to a community of supportive women, that teaches you how to prioritize your health, practice self-care, and live your best life!

New classes release to the beautiful member website every month with videos, workbooks and worksheets, guides, prompts, and fun online parties that take you step-by-step to better health!  The benefits of working with a health coach for around $1 a day!

Through the Radiant Girl classes, you will:

  • Have more energy
  • Learn how to make food choices to nourish your body
  • Feel in control of your week by making intentional choices
  • Receive simple recipes for easy, family-friendly meals
  • Improve health and mindset through Creativity
  • Have a step-by-step guide to improving your health!

What is a Radiant Girl?

The dictionary defines radiant as:

  1. emitting rays of light; shining; bright.

  1. bright with joy, hope, etc.

A Radiant Girl makes intentional choices in her life, practicing self-care and living a life of joy, happiness, and health. Radiant Girl School is a sisterhood of supportive women, learning how to make positive and intentional choices, implementing new habits to create a shining, bright, and joyful life.

Girl refers to our true self. Who you are at your core, and were long before you grew into a woman with all the labels that accompanies womanhood (for example, wife, girlfriend, mother, reliable, flighty, loud, shy, boisterous, the funny one, the smart one...) I'm sure you can think of the labels that have been assigned to you over the years, including the ones you gave yourself.

Radiant Girl School is about rediscovering your true self, without all of the labels. From that place, we will celebrate who we are and improve our health by making intentional choices that serve our true self. 

Radiant Girl School Member Content



Health is far more than a size or number on a scale. I am a firm believer that deprivation, guilt, and shame around food does not bring you to better health. Instead, we will be focusing on learning how to feed and nourish our body in a positive way! We will cover the same topics that I do as part of my one-on-one health coaching services, including new recipes and helpful advice. The information you learn and implement each month will bring real and positive changes to your health but will never feel overwhelming, restrictive, and guilt-ridden. Each month you can expect... >> Video lessons, worksheets, and recipes of real, whole foods to nourish your body! >> We'll debunk some of the dieting myths that are out there so that you can cut through the confusion and start to make informed, positive choices! >> Each month we will be implementing small changes that create big results for you!


Studies have shown that creative, artistic expression has a significantly positive impact on health. You don't need to consider yourself "creative" or "artistic" to benefit. The act of expressing yourself through creating something makes big shifts in your health and wellbeing.

Each month...

>> There will be a creative project for you to complete.

>> The project will vary each month, but expect some form of craft or art project. Don't worry, you won't need lots of supplies. The class will be accessible for seasoned artists and those that are completely new to crafting!

>> There will be videos to guide you. Follow the tutorials exactly, or create something unique with wild abandonment of the rules! It is up to you.


There are proven health benefits to regular journaling, including boosting your physical wellbeing! Journaling helps you to gain clarity on your thoughts, desires, and emotions. It helps you better manage stress, and improve your mood.

New to journaling? Don't worry! I walk you through it step by step.

Each month...

>> Receive journaling prompts to guide you in digging a little deeper into each lesson.

>> Completely new to journaling? There is a detailed video for Radiant Girl members discussing how to journal, best practices, and the benefits you can expect from regular journaling.



You will receive new photo prompts each week, related to the lessons for that month.

Interpret the prompt however you choose, and share it with the Radiant Girl School members on Facebook, Instagram, or any other way you choose!

Why photo prompts?

>> It is a fun way to get to know each other a little better. Members can also share tips and ideas through their photos for the ways they are implementing all they are learning!

>> The photos might be of people, food, landscapes, sharing a celebration... anything, really.

>> Expect to see some giveaways for members related to sharing their photos.


I'm a firm believer in mantras or affirmations. Positive words and statements that you look at and repeat regularly, to help you create something new or better in your life.

New each month...

>> Beautiful graphics themed to that month's lesson, containing positive and empowering words and images.

>> Art print will be available as a printable poster (print at home or through professional printer) to hang in your office, include in journaling or scrapbooking, or give to a friend that needs some encouragement.

>> Art prints are exclusive to Radiant Girl School members and will be unavailable elsewhere during the month that the lesson and art print are current. Art prints may be made available for sale to non-members one month following their release to members.



Each month we'll have a live, online party! I'll host the call to chat with you about your progress that month, celebrate your wins, and answer questions that might have come up. The call will be recorded for Radiant Girl School members, so you can watch the replay if you can't make the live call.

More about the Q&A party...

>> Most Health Coaches (myself included) charge upwards of $150 an hour for coaching calls. This feature of Radiant Girl School alone is an awesome benefit!

>> Have questions but can't make the call? Send them to me ahead of time and I'll answer them during the call. You can then catch everything at a time that suits you by watching the replay.

>> Have a private question too embarrassed to ask? No problem! Send it to me before the call and I'll answer it, but keep it anonymous. No-one need know who asked.

Radiant Girl School Clubhouse

We have a beautiful virtual clubhouse for members to access all the Radiant Girl School content! Video lessons, workbooks, worksheets, webinars, discussions for members, and more are accessed through the clubhouse.

New lessons are released the first Wednesday of each month.

About Melissa

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, a Reiki Practitioner (energy healer), and a Herbalist.

Through changes in diet and lifestyle within my own family my Son's ADHD symptoms disappeared, we have eliminated a few food allergies completely (working on the rest), and my husband is no longer affected by Diverticulitis.

I felt compelled to become a health coach after witnessing the power of food to cause health symptoms... and the power of food to heal the body! I love working with women to address their relationship with food, and witnessing the resulting dramatic changes that occur in their own lives and the health of their families.

I have a Law Degree and a Masters degree in Adult Education. I spent 12 years working in Adult Education, including creating curriculum and teaching for 2 Universities. So I know a thing or two about how we learn and put that to full use with my clients.


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No. Each month will include a new lesson on food but it isn't a diet with a strict set of rules to follow. I don't believe that a single diet works for everyone, and most diets follow an approach of deprivation that results in unhealthy guilt and shame around food.

Instead, we will focus on adding more whole, nutritious foods into your diet. There will be recipes, videos, and worksheets that guide you each month in making healthy food choices and eating in a way that truly nourishes and feeds your body.

The recipes will vary. Some will be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and paleo, though not every recipe follows a specific set of rules (other than being healthy and using whole foods). I have lots of experience in baking and cooking to avoid common food allergens (such as dairy, soy, gluten, etc.) and will bring that into the food lessons and recipes.


You are free to cancel your membership at any time. Though I think you will find the lessons so much fun and life transforming, that you will look forward to the new lessons opening each month!

Note: there are no refunds available for Radiant Girl School due to the digital nature of the videos, worksheets, workbooks, and printable materials. Instead, you are free to cancel your membership with no future obligation at any time.

If you select the 3-month option, cancelling your membership will take effect at the end of your paid 3 month membership. No partial refunds.



Individual coaching is not offered as part of Radiant Girl School membership, though you will have the chance to submit questions during our monthly Live Q&A party.

If you would like individual coaching, I offer this as an additional service. E-mail me at to discuss options available to you.


No refunds are offered for Radiant Girl Society due to the digital nature of the videos, worksheets, workbooks, and printable materials.

Instead, you are free to cancel your membership at any time with no future obligation or minimum membership length. Though I think you will find the lessons so much fun and life transforming, that you will look forward to the new lessons opening each month!


Radiant Girl School membership is $34 a month. When you sign up, you are agreeing to pay $34 each month for access to the new lessons, videos, worksheets, live Q&A party, etc.

Your card is charged each month and is stored using the payment processor's encrypted security (I use Stripe to process payments). I don't receive your card details and they are totally secure.

You are free to cancel your membership and all future payments at any time. There is no minimum requirement for the number of months you are a member.


No problem. You don't need to do everything. The lessons are standalone (rather than one long video) so you can pick and choose when to complete lessons and when to watch each video.

I would recommend giving all parts of the lessons a try. Each bring their own healing and nourishing element with the goal of boosting your overall health. Ultimately, if you have a busy month, feel free to focus on the lessons that bring the most value to you.


New classes in all areas (food, journaling, creativity, etc.) will be open the first Wednesday of each month by 12 noon PST.


We may be women, but ultimately we will always be girls.

Girl refers to our true self. Who we are at our core, and who we were long before we grew into women with all the labels that now accompany us (for example, wife, girlfriend, mother, reliable, flighty, loud, shy, boisterous, the funny one, the smart one...) I'm sure you can think of the labels that have been assigned to you over the years, including the ones you gave yourself.

Radiant Girl School is about going back to who we are at our core, rediscovering our true self, without all of the labels assigned to us. From that place, we can celebrate who we truly are, and improve our health by making intentional choices that serve our true self. The innocent and free girl within.

When I say Girl, it doesn't denote labels like girly, feminine, young, inexperienced, or anything else. It simply refers to your truest self. Who you have always been before adapting to meet society's expectations.


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