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Interested in using the Radiant Girl Planner with your Clients?

Help your clients achieve their goals by planning and tracking their results. This Health Planner helps your clients to create new habits to build the radiant life they desire.

I created this planner to use with my health coaching clients.

I wanted a welcome gift that was practical for them to use daily during their health transformation, but also affordable.

I was unable to find something that met my needs, so I created the Radiant Girl Health Planner!

Pages include:

  • 2 pages to a week (52 weeks)
  • Weekly Notes and Planning for Next Week pages (52 pages of each)
  • 2016 Monthly Overview
  • 2016 Important Dates
  • 2017 Monthly Overview
  • 2017 Important Dates
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Books to Read
  • Movies to Watch
  • Creative Ideas
  • Full Moon Phases for 2016 & 2017
  • 248 total pages

The Radiant Girl Planner is a convenient 7”x10” size making it big enough to easily write your weekly plan, and small enough to slip into your purse.

Discounts available for Wholesale orders

Discounts for wholesale orders:

  • 10-15 books - 25% discount
  • 15-40 books - 30% discount
  • 40+ books - 40% discount

The Radiant Girl Planner includes weekly pages to:

  • plan daily meals
  • track exercise and activity
  • note meal prep reminders to keep you organized for the next day
  • track water intake daily (just color a cup each time you finish a glass of water!)

There is also space to note important daily reminders, inspiration for the week (your goal, or a motivational quote perhaps), and space to write a daily note of gratitude.


This planner also includes a monthly overview and monthly important dates pages for 2016 and 2017.

Recipe Ideas pages help you keep track of new recipes you want to try, or make notes of recipe adjustments.

Use the Books to Read, Movies to Watch, and Creative Ideas pages at the back of the book to keep notes of ideas, inspiration, and all of the wonderful books, movies, recipes, and creative projects and crafts you would like to come back to.
 Think of it as a “Wish List” section.

The Full Moon phases for 2016 and 2017 are also listed at the back. A great time to vision board, journal, and set goals each month.

Wholesale Pricing

Discounts for wholesale orders:

  • 10-15 books - 25% discount
  • 15-40 books - 30% discount
  • 40+ books - 40% discount

Retail Cost per Book: $18.99 USD

Total Wholesale Price

Including Shipping within Domestic USA

10 books   -   $150.50

15 books   -   $209.90

20 books   -  $ 278.86

25 books   -   $347.83

30 books   -   $416.79

40 books   -   $478.76

50 books   -   $592.70 

Discounts for wholesale orders:

  • 10-15 books - 25% discount
  • 15-40 books - 30% discount
  • 40+ books - 40% discount

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Custom Orders

Live outside of the USA? International Shipping is available.

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Contact me for a quote at hello@melissarenfrey.com


Do you ship outside of the USA? +

Yes! We offer very reasonable rates for international shipping.

Contact me directly for a quote at hello@melissarenfrey.com.

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Sure! The minimum number of books in a single order to receive a wholesale discount is 10.

The wholesale discount is as follows:

  • 10-15 books - 25% discount
  • 15-40 books - 30% discount
  • 40+ books - 40% discount

If you want to order a different amount than we offer on the website (for example 35 books), contact me directly at hello@melissarenfrey.com and we'll set up a custom order for you. Easy peasy!

Can I sell the Radiant Girl Planner? +

Not a problem. If you would like to offer the Radiant Girl Planner for sale to your clients or through your shop, you are free to do so at the full retail price of $18.99 per book.

What is the Retail Price of Radiant Girl Planner? +

Radiant Girl Planner retails at $18.99. The retail price is listed on the back of the book.

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