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You are at your most radiant when each area of your life is balanced and nourished.

Less Guilt. Shame. Aches. Exhaustion.


More Confidence. Energy. Love for your Body and Life.

What is Soulful Self-Care?

Health is more than diets, quick fixes, and the pursuit of “skinny”. It is about nourishing the body, mind, and soul.

Soulful Self-Care involves taking a holistic view of health and recognizing that every part of your body, mind, and life is connected, and requires attention and nourishment.

Soulful Self-Care includes:

  • Waking up feeling clear-headed and rested.
  • Approaching weight loss from a place of love, rather than deprivation.
  • Eliminating food guilt.
  • Achieving your dreams from a place of soulful joy, rather than exhaustion and burnout.
  • Learning how to adapt your lifestyle to deal with food allergies and food sensitivities.
  • Clearing up skin issues.
  • Improving your family’s eating habits as you move to a nourished lifestyle.

How can I help you be Radiant?

Hi, beautiful! I’m Melissa.

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, a Reiki Practitioner (energy healer), and a Herbalist.

I have a Law Degree and a Masters degree in Adult Education. I spent 12 years working in Adult Education, including creating curriculum and teaching for 2 Universities. So I know a thing or two about how we learn and put that to full use with my clients.

My Path to Coaching.

After witnessing the effects of nutrition and self-care on health symptoms and well-being, I spent 5 years studying nutrition and holistic healthcare, including becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach, certified Herbalist, and Reiki practitioner (energy healer).

Through changes in diet and lifestyle, my Son's ADHD symptoms disappeared, we have eliminated a few food allergies completely (working on the rest), and my husband is no longer affected by Diverticulitis. At the start I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what I could feed my family, but after seeing the results it became much easier.

Even though I eliminated many of my families health problems through food and lifestyle changes, I wasn't taking great care of myself. A few years ago I was permanently exhausted, addicted to caffeine just to make it through the day, struggling in a job that wasn’t fulfilling me, and dealing with immense guilt over leaving my kids in daycare all day. 


I felt so trapped in a cycle of daily life, just counting down to the weekend for time to spend on the things that truly mattered to me. Can you relate? I felt like life was out of control but I had no idea how to slow things down or make changes. I wouldn’t sacrifice time with my family and friends. It didn’t matter that I was exhausted. I put everyone’s needs first and wasn’t taking care of my needs, and then I’d stay up late each night to try and capture some “me time”. Which is exactly what I didn’t need… even less sleep!


After ignoring the very clear signals that I needed to take better care of myself, my body started to show the effects. Although I never sought a diagnosis, I am sure I had adrenal fatigue. I was exhausted. All. The Time. I started experiencing dizzy-spells. Food sensitivities and reactions to perfumes and even jewelry. My skin was breaking out. I looked tired and my eyes looked puffy and swollen. I recognized that things needed to change but for a long time I felt stuck, unsure how to go about healing myself and changing my lifestyle.


Over the last few years I have transformed by life and my health. I prioritized soulful self-care to finally rid those feelings of overwhelm and frustration, and to create a joyful and balanced life. I founded to teach other women how to reclaim their health, nourish every area of their life, and create a joyful and balanced life through soulful self-care.


Health is far more than restricting food choices, monitoring calories, or popping magic pills. And a life without good health… well, what a miserable idea! I don’t know about you, but I have lists of things I want to do. Amazing places I want to go. And I want to experience my life feeling radiant, energetic, and full of excitement.


I love working with Moms like you because I understand feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, and yet totally lost and unsure where to start making changes. Your family mean everything to you, but you can’t be your best self when you aren’t prioritizing your wellbeing. I love the transformation that occurs when women take control, make conscious choices, prioritize the things that truly matter, and learn how to truly nourish their mind, body, and soul. From that place, your soul joyfully radiates feelings of freedom and peace. And that is how life should feel.  

Every woman should bloom. Be radiant. Live a joyful life.

Melissa's Official Bio

Melissa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Herbalist, and Reiki practitioner (energy healer). She originally pursued the “traditional route” to success, including a Law degree, Masters degree in Adult education, and a career creating curriculum and teaching for Universities. After deciding to prioritize happiness, she followed her passion of holistic health and well-being. Melissa coaches Moms in business to transform their lives and their health by making conscious choices and learning how to truly nourish mind, body, and soul.

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