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Introducing Radiant Girl School!

Imagine belonging to a community of supportive women, that teaches you how to prioritize your health, practice self-care, and live your best life!

New classes release to the beautiful member website every month with videos, workbooks and worksheets, guides, prompts, and fun online parties that take you step-by-step to better health!  The benefits of working with a health coach for around $1 a day!

Through the Radiant Girl School classes, you will:

  • Have more energy
  • Learn how to make food choices to nourish your body
  • Feel in control of your week by making intentional choices
  • Receive simple recipes for easy, family-friendly meals
  • Improve health and mindset through Creativity
  • Have a step-by-step guide to improving your health!
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Come and join the fun! Radiant Girl is a FREE group - a supportive, inclusive space for women to learn, grow, and inspire each other to be their most radiant self! As women, let’s prioritize our health in order to be our happiest, most vibrant, and strongest self. Click here to join!

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